Residential houses

Living in an apartment building and experiencing sometimes unpleasant moments due to the inappropriate behaviour of neighbour’s or parking issues, you start wondering how good it would be to live in your own house, albeit a small one… These dreams, as practice and experience show, can indeed come true. After all, you can do more than just reside in an individual house: yu can have a separate office space, a game and leisure room, and even a spa area. And let’s not forget the eye-catching green areas in the front yard…

Advantages of log buildings

Wooden log houses have many advantages, but perhaps the most important and the most striking one is their environmental friendliness and naturalness. In addition to having a positive effect on the human respiratory tract and lungs, a wooden building also calms one’s mind and gives a special aura of cosiness. The climate in a wooden house is always good, because the tree itself regulates the air humidity, this is why the air inside the building does not dry out. There is an old saying that a wooden house "breathes": natural ventilation takes place. If someone in the family suffers from asthma or allergies, a wooden house is the most appropriate choice. Due to the properties listed above there is no need to install an air conditioning system in a wooden cabin, because it retains coolness well enough in the warm season, and keeps the heat in the cold season.

If you choose to build a wooden log house, you will surely be glad about one more thing: you won’t have to care about finishing the house's exterior and interior - plastering, priming, painting or wallpapering. This means you’ll save money and will not waste time purchasing additional materials. Since wood is a construction material that meets the highest standards, it is not cheap. However, good thermal resistance, ecology, natural beauty and aesthetic look are attracting a never-widening  circle of individual buyers.

What nature gave to each tree gives each house its uniqueness. Therefore, the Log cabins team, with their international experience, creativity and hard work, can offer you and your family the most suitable option according to your preferences and possibilities.

Why choose us?

Choosing a house project is not an easy task. However, this is where we, Log Cabins experts, with many years of experience can help you. We specialize in the manufacturing of log buildings, using Scandinavian, FSC-certified softwood, perfectly suitable for the construction of houses of various profiles. If you have questions regarding an individual residential house, we are at your service. Our highly qualified staff will not only answer all your questions, but will also help you organize all the documents necessary to begin construction and carry it out.

We are sure that thanks to close and professional cooperation, we will achieve the best results, fulfill your expectations and build the house of your dreams.

Modern wooden houses

A modern house is often associated with houses controlled by smart technologies. But is it really necessary for everyone who wants to live comfortably? Technological progress is usually expensive, so the financial issue is probably the most important in this case. Innovations and smart home systems are changing so fast that technologies that are only a few years old become outdated and old fashioned or require constant updating.

The design and style of log homes today are very different from those that were built decades ago. However, one thing remains constant - environmental friendliness, sustainability and naturalness, which is increasingly relevant today. Modern wooden log houses can be designed to meet the expectations of even the most whimsical person, this is why this type of house is a modern and innovative choice for a modern family.

The projects of wooden log houses are diverse and only the person himself chooses and decides which house he would like to live in for many years. It has been noticed that people are increasingly choosing open spaces except from private zones, of course. Therefore, walls and partitions are decreasing, the number of windows is increasing, which means that it is important for people to communicate more and be together, to let as much light into the house as possible. Terraces are arranged according to the family's socializing habits, such as cooking together in a natural refuge or simply spending free time in the fresh air. Terraces near the house are becoming more and more popular and sometimes we are asked to design more than one of them, taking into account the characteristics of the rotation of the sun around the house. You can choose both open and closed terrace with sliding systems.

The design of a modern house does not have to be elaborate at all, after all, it is not for nothing that the writer P. Coelho's saying, so often repeated, is applicable in all areas:  "genius lies in simplicity".

The UAB "Log cabins" team invites you to contact us and choose the kind of house you dream of - we will help you make your dream come true. Our houses are made only from FSC-certified, Scandinavian coniferous wood, which is perfect for building residential houses, garden cabins or saunas.

We are ready to come to your property to assess the features of the property.

Garden cabins

Just a couple of decades ago, garden cabins or summer houses in the countryside were only suitable for living and spending leisure time during the warm season. However, in these times of smart technologies, those who wish to spend moretime in the nature, regardless of the season or climatic conditions, have a choice: why not build a warm and eco-friendly garden cabin?

It’s important to note that the construction or purchase of garden cabins has accelerated in the past two years, when the Covid-19 pandemic literally locked people in their homes. There was a great need to spend more time in the countryside, in the fresh air, to feel freer, more comfortable and safer. After the end of the pandemic, the popularity of remote work opened the possibility of spending more time outside the city and enjoying the proximity  to nature.

Manufacturers and builders of garden cabins unanimously agree that modern high-quality construction and decoration materials allow the realization of the dream of many families - to have a warm and cozy garden house, suitable for living and spending time at any time of the year. And even though the building materials have changed and improved and many new design and style elements have appeared, the essence of the garden cabin  has not changed. To this day, it remains a place where the family gathers, where we rest and have fun, where we work or tend our garden around it, forgetting our daily worries, and escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city.

UAB "Log cabin" offers garden cabins for various projects; according to the needs, expectations, and possibilities of each client. Get in touch with us, share your ideas and we will come up with expert ideas and creative solutions for you.